Mobile Car Wash, On-Demand

Squeegy is the mobile car wash that comes to you.
Now serving the greater Los Angeles area.

How Squeegy Works

Select Location

Tell us where your car is and we'll come to you. We're a mobile service so we can perform a car wash at your home, school, office or just about anywhere within our service area.

Request Wash

We're 100% self-sufficient and will arrive with everything we need to complete the job. You don’t need to concern yourself with supplying water or electricity for our washers.

Save Time

When we're done we'll send you a picture of your car along with a receipt. The transaction is cashless and hassle-free. Convenience is our goal and by using Squeegy you're saving time. It's that simple.

Save Time.
Save Water.
Clean Car.

Download the Squeegy app and request a car wash from home, work or literally anywhere!




  • Exterior Wash
  • Clean Exterior Windows
  • Light Wheel Wipe Down
  • Clean & Dress Tires
  • 25-45 Minutes
Additional charge for large vehicles


  • Includes Express +
  • Floor & Seat Vacuum
  • Dash & Panel Wipe Down
  • Clean Interior Windows
  • 45-75 Minutes
Additional charge for large vehicles

Serving Los Angeles

If you're not in our initial market but would like to use Squeegy, please email us and let us know.
We are continually expanding our service area.

Pacific Palisades



Beverly Hills

West Hollywood


Santa Monica

West LA

Century City


Miracle Mile

La Brea


Mar Vista


Culver City

Marina del Rey

Playa del Rey

Playa Vista


El Segundo

Manhattan Beach

Hermosa Beach

Redondo Beach

Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know a traditional car wash uses about 40 gallons of water per vehicle and washing your car at home uses about 100 gallons of water?

At Squeegy we were determined to find a better way and we did!

Squeegy doesn't use a hose or waste water. We use a high quality solution that will clean with only a few ounces of water and will leave your car looking amazing!

Squeegy is proud to say we're eco-friendly, water-smart and drought safe!
Squeegy uses a high-quality wash & wax solution that is sprayed onto the vehicle. The solution breaks down the dirt, encapsulates it and lubricates the surface. We then use high-quality microfiber cloths to lift the dirt off the vehicle leaving only a beautiful shine.

Our products and techniques are specifically designed to be 100% safe for your car and the environment. We use only a few ounces of water to wash your car, and all our products are eco-friendly, water-smart and there is no storm drain runoff.
Squeegy will go anywhere that is in our service area. That includes your house, condo, apartment, office, the mall, supermarket or any public street.
No, that is one of the great things about Squeegy. If you request an Express wash then you don't even need to be present. As long as Squeegy can access the vehicle we'll take care of the rest.

For a Classic wash or detail we'll need access to the interior of the vehicle. If the vehicle is open when we arrive, we'll clean it and lock the doors when we leave. Squeegy is all about convenience.
Promo codes can be entered on the confirmation screen during the ordering process. Simply type your promo code in the "Promo Code" field and you'll see the savings calculated before you place an order.
No. Squeegy washers arrive with all the equipment and materials they need.
Yes, Squeegy is apartment building and condo friendly. There is no water or product runoff. The only thing Squeegy we'll leave behind is your clean shiny car.
We use the highest-quality, professional grade products which are eco-friendly and biodegradable. We also use plush microfiber towels to ensure the ultimate protection and best results.
Squeegy doesn't use any of the silicone/filler based products typically offered at outdated, traditional car washes. Those products tend to attract more dust and grime, and can create a distracting glare on the windshield in many cases causing long-term damage. We only use a quality interior detail spray that cleans, conditions, and is safe for all interiors.
We at Squeegy aim to provide the most convenient, hassle-free car wash service. Tipping the washers is not a requirement but if you feel your washer did an exceptional job, feel-free to reward your washer for his effort using the tip feature in the app at the end of your wash.
With proper technique and trained Squeegy staff, there is no need to worry about Squeegy harming the paint of your car. The water-smart solution we use is designed to encapsulate the dirt and lubricate the surface of the vehicle providing a safe, scratch free wash.
Not at all. At Squeegy, we take pride in being environmentally conscious and are always doing our part to be water smart. Our products are biodegradable and safe for the environment. We only use enough product to clean the vehicle so there is no runoff to the ground or storm drains.