Average golf endorsement deals

average golf endorsement deals
2019-08-22 07:09

Going into 2012, McIlroy already had a stable of endorsement deals, including Jumeirah Group, Oakley, luxury watchmaker Audemars Piguet, and Santander. Jordan Zimmerman, founder of Zimmerman Advertising, says McIlroy could catch up to Woods in offthecourse earnings.The top paid female golfers listed in the table below bring in on average about 50 times less endorsement money than the men. They also make about 25 as much as male pro golfers on the course. The top paid female pro in 2015 was Lydia Ko. average golf endorsement deals

here is the list of top 10 nike's top 10 most expensive endorsement deals with sports athletes around the world. Michael Jordan

Nike got out of the golf equipment business last year, Jordan Spieth has endorsement deals with brands including Under Armour, AT& T, CocaCola, PGA Tour Player Endorsement Deals A 6 Step Process 4 Effective Practices Humana Fits Into Their Pro Golf Sponsorships For more information about the value golf endorsement deals can bring to your brand objectives, click on the button below.average golf endorsement deals The graph shows the topten NBA players in terms of earnings (salary& endorsement deals) in 2018. LeBron James is the topearning player in the National Basketball Association in 2018 with a salary of 33. 3 million U. S. dollars and around 52 million U. S. dollars in offcourt income.

average golf endorsement

The My Golf Spy website estimated in 2009 that sponsors paid at least 75, 000 per year to put their names on the front of tour players hats, adding that Luke Donald received 1 million annually from his sponsor. average golf endorsement deals February 18, 2011: PGA Tour player Atwal signs endorsement deal with Fourteen Golf. IRVINE, Calif. PGA Tour player Arjun Atwal of India has joined the Fourteen Golf professional staff, company officials have announced. Atwal has played Fourteen Golf equipment for several seasons. Top 10 Current Biggest Athlete Endorsement Deals. Athletes; we all know them, admire them and envy them. We know them because we see their faces almost everywhere. The top 10 players made 400 million combined in 2012 much of which came through endorsements, licensing fees, and appearances. Twenty active players from the list made more money off the course than on it.

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